Anvsoft SynciOS Data Transfer 3.3.2 Crack incl Activation Code Free Download

Anvsoft SynciOS Data Transfer 3.3.2 Crack incl Registration Code 2022 Full Version Free Download

Anvsoft SynciOS Data Transfer 3.3.2 Crack can often change our phone, and the hardest part of the whole process is setting up your new phone with your existing data. Or it often happens that we lose data from our cell phones for various reasons. Therefore, backing up is a must – and to help us with that, we’ve covered Syncios Data Transfer in this review.

Anvsoft SynciOS Data Transfer 3.3.2 Crack incl Activation Code Free Download

Anvsoft SynciOS Data Transfer 3.3.2 Crack Full Version for PC

Syncios Data Transfer Serial Key is a comprehensive program that can help you transfer your data to your new phone. You can connect your old and new phone at the same time and copy data with one click. The program supports both Android and iOS devices. You can use this tool if you want to switch between mobile devices. Other than transferring data, the tool can help you make regular backups of the data on your device.

Some features of Anvsoft SynciOS Data Transfer Keygen tool allow you to restore your iTunes music libraries. If you plan to use this program with your iOS device, make sure you have iTunes installed on your computer. For Android devices, ensure that proper USB drivers are installed and USB debugging is enabled. The steps to enable USB debugging on different Android versions are available in the same tool.

Transfer your data from the old phone to the new phone

Data transfer

Once you download and install the tool from on your Windows PC, you are almost ready to start transferring your data. Connect both phones to your computer and wait for the program to detect them. Select the source and target device and then choose the data you want to transfer. There is also an option available for wireless transfer of Android data using WiFi, use this option if you want to backup Android data wirelessly.

The program is able to copy different types of data in different scenarios. All types of available content are displayed in the middle of both phones. You can select the type of content you want to transfer and then start the transfer process. You can back up contacts, text messages, call logs, DCIM photos, photos, music, videos, apps, books, notes, bookmarks, and calendar based on your scenario. The following table lists all the content types that are supported by the different device types.

You can transfer almost everything between the two iOS devices. The same applies to the scenarios of the two Android devices. And between iOS and Android device, the program can transfer all kinds of basic content. There are some things that cannot be moved between Android and iOS so they may appear greyed out if you try to copy them from the top between devices.

Backup devices

The program also comes with a built-in backup function as well. So instead of transferring your data directly from one mobile phone to another, you can save it to your computer. Backups work similarly to transferring data, the only difference is that the backup file is stored on your computer. You can use this backup to restore any other device regardless of its platform.

You can also change the default backup location by going to settings and choosing a location of your choice.

Restore iCloud / iTunes backup

Another interesting feature of Syncios Data Transfer is iCloud backup restore. If you have iTunes installed on your computer, you can easily use this feature to recover your iCloud Backup data. Note that iCloud backups can be restored to iOS and Android devices. See the table above for the supported content types.

This feature could be very useful in a scenario when you buy a new Android phone and want to transfer contacts, messages, photos, and more from the iCloud backup that you previously took from iPhone. Other than iCloud backup, the tool also supports restoring from iTunes backup. You can restore all content from an iTunes backup. Moreover, you can also restore music and playlists from iTunes Library Backup. Remember, to use all of these features, you need to have iTunes installed on your computer.

The best part of the tool is its 24 x 7 support, official guide, and tips. You can browse this section on the official website if you are stuck anywhere and cannot transfer data from your mobile phone. Some of the most common communication errors, their inquiries, have already been answered and explained. So, if you encounter any communication or detection error, you can search on the official website.

Anvsoft SynciOS Data Transfer 3.3.2 Crack incl Activation Code Free Download

Anvsoft SynciOS Data Transfer 3.3.2 Key Features:

One click from phone to phone – simple, fast and secure

  • Transfer almost all files, including contacts, videos, SMS messages, photos, call logs, music, calendar,
  • WhatsApp, apps, and more from one phone to another!
  • Cross-platform transfer: iOS to iOS, Android to Android, iOS to Android, and Android to iOS.
  • Unlimited phone support: Share data with any of your phones.
  • Transfer data selectively between cell phones without overwriting data.
  • Transfer data between different iOS or Android versions.

Backup phone data to computer

We know how painful it can be to start over once you lose the phone, put all worries aside! Backup data regularly with Syncios Data Transfer. You can select the type of data you want to backup on the computer according to your preferences.

  • Back up all Android contents to computer with one click, including contacts, SMS, call logs, photos, videos, music, bookmarks, calendar and apps.
  • Support transfer of 15 different kinds of data from iOS device, no iTunes / iCloud needed.
  • Professional transfer for iOS whatsapp, including all media attachments.
  • Choose the type of content to be backed up according to your specific needs.
  • Individual backups, the newer version will not erase the old copy.

Restore data from iTunes / iCloud / local backup

Syncios Data Transfer allows you to selectively restore your backup files from iTunes, iCloud, or computer without resetting your devices.

  • Restore iTunes backup to iOS / Android device.
  • Recover data from iCloud to iOS / Android device.
  • Restore the previous backup created with Syncios to a new phone.
  • Selectively restore data from backup to phone.
  • Combine recovered data with existing phone data, without overwriting or losing data.

Sync contents from iTunes library to computer and device

Transferring old phone data to new phone allows you to transfer iTunes library contents to iPhone and computer as well.

  • You can transfer songs and playlists from iTunes to your Android phone, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • Preview and transfer videos from iTunes to iOS or Android phone.

How to Register Syncios Data Transfer Windows version

  1. In the Syncios Toolkit startup interface, please select ‘Phone Transfer’ to download this program. After installation, click on “Phone Transfer” again to run this program.
  2. Click the menu button in the right corner of the program interface
  3. Step 3: Choose Register in the dropdown menu, and you will get the registration window below.
  4. Step 4: Copy and paste the email and the code into the popup registration dialog.
  5. Note: Registry contents are case sensitive. Please do not add a space at the beginning or end of the word

How to backup and restore phone data?

How to backup phone data to computer

Firstly, run Syncios Data Transfer and select “Backup” mode on the main interface. Connect your device to the computer with a USB cable, customize the backup folder if you like, then click the “Next” button. Then you are allowed to select the data that you want to transfer. Check the required data or select all, after the download is complete, click Next to start the backup process. After a while, all the selected contents will be backed up to the computer.

How to restore phone from a saved backup

Likewise, run Syncios Data Transfer and select ‘Restore’ mode on the main interface. Connect your device to the program and select “Local Backup” or “iTunes Backup” or “iCloud” in the middle of the panel, and Syncios Data Transfer will display all the backups that you have created after clicking on them, choose one and click “OK” to continue, press ” Next “and select the type of file you want to restore.

How to transfer iTunes music and playlist to mobile phone

Likewise, run Syncios Data Transfer and select “Restore” mode on the main interface, click on the “iTunes Library” button, and Syncios Data Transfer will insert your iTunes library in the middle of the panel. You only need to choose the items that you want to transfer to your device.

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